Key Stage 1


Unit 1: Materials

Children were introduced to a wide range of art processes and materials.

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Unit 2: Ourselves

Photography, drawing, painting and sculpting activities stimulated discussions about ourselves.

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Unit 3: Great Fire of London

Woodworking, silk painting, drawing, printing and a mural provided lots of great learning opportunities.

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Unit 4: LS Lowry

As a local Salford born artist, Lowry was used as the stimulus for a topic on Manchester. Learn more...


Unit 5: China & Pakistan

Children participated in a 2 day workshop rotating through a wonderful array of arts activities.

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Unit 1: Materials




Children half filled a disposable paper cup with clay. Small items (such as toys, jewellery, maths cubes, etc.) were selected and pressed into the clay and removed leaving impressions.

There is plenty of opportunity to learn about the casting process as Plaster of Paris powder is slowly added to water (to the consistency of yoghurt) before pouring into each cup containing clay mould.

Once allowed to set, children can remove the paper cup and peel the clay away from the now solid plaster cast object.



Children can enjoy ripping up used paper to place in a food blender with a small amount of water. With the lid firmly in place, switch on and watch the paper reduce to fine particles to form a pulp.

Tip the pulp onto a mesh frame floating in water, agitate to even out the pulp thickness. Carefully lift and allow water to drain before placing onto a cloth to sponge dry.

The newly made sheet of paper can be removed from the mesh and set aside to dry.




Children learn about wool; its natural colour (before dyeing), its origin and uses.

Each child works on top of a piece of bubble wrap arranging small strands of coloured wool. Their work is sprayed with a solution of warm soapy water, rolled up in the bubble wrap sheet and agitated back and forth for several minutes.

Open up the roll and straighten out the wool if necessary. Reroll and agitate for a further 3 minutes. Repeat until the wool has felted.. it should shrink and strands of the wool can no longer be pulled out.



Dale Chihuly is a sculptor who makes the most colourful glass installations.

Children use transparent paint and markers to colour plastic cups which can be cut and distorted using a heat gun before assembling into a chandelier.